A bad dating profile can put someone off messaging you when they would have been the perfect match, so how do you avoid falling to get out of the starting blocks when it comes to online dating?

Imagine the scenario: your profile picture might stand out as being perfect to one of the singles using the best UK dating site, enough to get that single man or woman to click through to find out more. Then they read your profile and decide you aren’t for them after all.

What are the types of answers in your dating profile that act as a giant flashing red danger light? And what should you avoid putting in your personals advert to ensure you don’t come across as desperate, weird or a person fellow singles don’t want to date?

Don’t lie in your profile

It’s the most obvious thing of all to avoid, but you should not be lying in your dating profile. A fib or two, an exaggeration, or bending of the truth might be deemed acceptable, but downright dirty lies aren’t.

Don’t pretend to be something you are not in your dating profile and it won’t come back to bite you. Be yourself, because at some stage you will land yourself a date and things will suddenly unravel if you have lied in your profile. Especially if you can’t remember everything you actually wrote!

Never discuss exes

It’s not a good look to discuss exes or past relationships in your profile. People reading your profile don’t want to read about your ex-wife or former boyfriend or girlfriend. All it points to is that you still have feelings for them or are still hung up on them.

Equally, don’t talk about how many relationships you’ve had down the years. Or if you are perhaps still a virgin or have never slept with anyone before (not that there is anything wrong with that). You are best served by not mentioning anything at all, other than stating your current relationship status and reason for being single. Just don’t go into detail!

Don’t slate online dating

Online dating can take time to master and land yourself a partnership. It can also help find you, instant love. If you are in the former camp and getting increasingly frustrated at dating online, don’t give that away in your profile. Keep it to yourself.

By slating online dating and commenting on just how many times you’ve been on a site, you will be giving away too much information about your past dating and also posing red flags that you might not be one to hold down a long-term relationship with. Keep you profile positive because it will be that characteristic that helps land you dates, and not the fact you are a bit of a moaner.

Don’t mention the M or B words

If there are two things that will put people off, it’s including the M-word and B-word in your profile. You know what I’m on about, marriage and babies.

There’s nothing scarier to potential partners than reading you might be out to find either of them or both.

Yes, we all know they might be the ultimate goal and could well happen as part of a loving relationship you manage to form, but as an initial selling point for yourself, they are not ideal material. Both marriage and babies are something to discuss within a partnership, not before you’ve even met someone.

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