Vacations are the most enjoyable times in life because you are away from work and the related tension of life. What happens when you fall in love during that vacation? All your happy hormones are doubled in the blood and you feel the happiest in a very long time. You might also find a partner through a dating service during the vacation period. But all this has to come to and since the vacation has to end. This might be quite heartbreaking and some people do not like to maintain a long-term relationship because of commitment issues.

Vacationship is different from the normal relationship because you fall in love with a person whom you don’t really know very well. Of course, it might be possible that this person is the perfect one and you might get married but most other relationships do not lead to that. If you are an emotional person and letting go is a big problem, you must think about the times after vacation before committing to the relationship.

How to Ensure a Successful Vacationship?

There are some tips and tricks that can help you during your vacationship for those willing to sacrifice some things for love. Also, you must know that you and your partner are different starting from culture to behavior so do not expect traditional roles from him/her. Following are some ways:

  • Be less judgemental

Don’t be in a rush to judge people because this is not going to help the relationship. You must be open-minded and be ready to accept new traditions and culture. This does not mean you have to change yourself but you must be ready to accept. This might prove to be a time when you go out of your comfort zone to do something interesting. This way you can try new things and explore yourself a bit more.

  • Sex on the first date?

Well, this completely depends on you. Some dating experts believe that you must not hold yourself back and enjoy the foreign companionship while it lasts. While this is true, some people believe in emotional attachment over sexual contact. If you think you belong to the second category of people, you must wait until you are sure.

  • Strong networking

Once you find a woman online who is beautiful, you don’t think that bad thing could happen. Being said, it is important to communicate first to know the person and avoid unfortunate accidents. A strong buddy network is crucial. Have your friend’s live location shared through WhatsApp and in case of distress, they would know your location.

  • Remember that the vacation will end

This is the biggest mistake many single women actually commit in a vacationship. If you are up for a fling and forget about it, be clear about it with the partner too. For such people, vacationships work the best. For other people who want a serious relationship, you must discuss the pros and cons of continuing it. Also, what you are sacrificing to continue the relationship is also worth mentioning. Most of the experts often talk about “Enjoy while it lasts and moves on”.

  • Protection is a must

If you indulge in sexual activity, always remember to use protection because a baby can change everything. Since it was not planned, the change will affect both the people in a negative manner. Especially for women, you don’t want to carry a stranger’s baby after the vacationship is over unless he is willing to leave everything in his country and settle down with you.

How to Maintain a Long-distance Relationship After Vacationship?

In some rare cases, you decide to continue the vacationship through the online dating service because you are head-over-heels in love. It is possible but your expectations must not be too much. Before you decide about this, you must think about the parent’s acceptance or society acceptance of the country you decide to settle in. Following are some of the things to keep in mind:

  1. Do not expect constant 24/7 contact between you and your partner. The can be a multitude of reasons why he/she is not picking your phone or returning your texts on the dating site. Sometimes, you need to give him/her space too.
  2. If you meet someone on an online dating site, do not expect everything to be true when you actually meet the person during your vacation.
  3. There are cold periods of such type of online dating and you must let them pass. These cold or infuriating moments can actually lead to break up. When you are angry, try to not talk or reply to the texts.
  4. You must inform your partners about your whereabouts. This proves to be the strongest point between you both and fewer chances for a third person to infiltrate the relationship.

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