Online dating doesn’t need to be complicated. Too many singles get hung up on arranging a date within two or three messages online, but a slowly-slowly approach will benefit you much more in the long run.

Singles use the best UK dating site because they want to find a partner for the long-term, not because they wanted to be subject to a barrage of flirty messages from someone who hasn’t even asked their name or said hello.

So what are the five steps to getting hooked up on a date with an ideal match? And what are the best tactics and strategies to ensure you get past that first message stage? We think there are five important steps you should follow.

Make a kick-ass profile

The starting point for any single starting out online dating and is to create the best profile possible. Think TV advertising, billboards, or even online pop-ups, you have to sell your sell to other singles.

Include as much information as possible, includes a variety of images, be positive, tell the truth and make the thousands of local singles looking for love online want to discover a whole lot more about you. Make them intrigued and want to message you to find out if you are right for one another.

Don’t send messages en masse

With so much choice when it comes to searching for local singles, there is a tendency to slip into something easy and send the same message to every woman or man you see in your matches or search.

That’s a bad move. You should be reading their profiles and tailoring the opening line you send them to something personal, or relating to something you have read. That way you stand out from the crowd and have a much higher percentage of getting a response.

If the same message goes to everyone you’re messaging, you are unlikely to have long-term success online dating. You have to make more of an effort in a competitive world.

Take time to get to know someone

Don’t just rush headfirst into asking someone for a date three messages into your conversation. Take your time to get to know them. If you click, have fun or are really attracted to each other, you will naturally take the next step and start dating anyway.

Relationships are not a race, so consider the process of landing date as a marathon, not a sprint.

Don’t head out on dates with just anyone

Don’t take the first cab on the rank because it is there. Make sure you really want to date the person you are chatting to. There’s a difference between a fun online conversation and actually having that spark in real life.

So don’t arrange to meet everyone you chat with. Carefully select the ones you think you are matched best with and you will enjoy dates rather than meet for a couple of drinks and go your separate ways.

Keep your options open

You might start out in your online dating with something firmly in your mind in terms of what you want to get out of it.

But, like anything in life, keep your options open. Don’t pigeonhole yourself into searching for one thing, because you might surprise yourself with the type of partner you find in a perfect match.

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