Things to avoid putting in a dating profile

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A bad dating profile can put someone off messaging you when they would have been the perfect match, so how do you avoid failing to get out of the starting blocks when it comes to online dating?

Imagine the scenario: your profile picture might stand out as being perfect to one of the singles using the best UK dating site, enough to get that single man or woman to click through to find out more. Then they read your profile and decide you aren’t for them after all.

What are the types of answers in your dating profile that act as a giant flashing red danger light? And what should you avoid putting in your personals advert to ensure you don’t come across as desperate, weird or a person fellow singles don’t want to date?

Don’t lie in your profile

It’s the most obvious thing of all to avoid, but you should not be lying in your dating profile. A fib or two, an exaggeration or bending of the truth might be deemed acceptable, but downright dirty lies aren’t.

Don’t pretend to be something you are not in your dating profile and it won’t come back to bite you. Be yourself, because at some stage you will land yourself a date and things will suddenly unravel if you have lied in your profile. Especially if you can’t remember everything you actually wrote!

Never discuss exes

It’s not a good look to discuss exes or past relationships in your profile. People reading your profile don’t want to read about your ex-wife or former boyfriend or girlfriend. All it points to is that you still having feelings for them or are still hung up on them.

Equally, don’t talk about how many relationships you’ve had down the years. Or if you are perhaps still a virgin or have never slept with anyone before (not that there is anything wrong with that). You are best served by not mentioning anything at all, other than stating your current relationship status and reason for being single. Just don’t go into detail!

Don’t slate online dating

Online dating can take time to master and land yourself a partnership. It can also help find you instant love. If you are in the former camp and getting increasingly frustrated at dating online, don’t give that away in your profile. Keep it to yourself.

By slating online dating and commenting on just how many times you’ve been on a site, you will be giving away too much information about your past dating and also posing red flags that you might not be one to hold down a long-term relationship with. Keep you profile positive because it will be that characteristic that helps land you dates, and not the fact you are a bit of a moaner.

Don’t mention the M or B words

If there are two things that will put people off, it’s including the M word and B word in your profile. You know what I’m on about, marriage and babies.

There’s nothing more scary to potential partners than reading you might be out to find either of them or both.

Yes, we all know they might be the ultimate goal and could well happen as part of a loving relationship you manage to form, but as an initial selling point for yourself they are not ideal material. Both marriage and babies are something to discuss within a partnership, not before you’ve even met someone.

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Relationship Crisis: How to Deal With It?

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Valentine’s day and romantic movies have created a picture in mind which consists of all the positive points of a relationship. You can fall in love within a moment but maintaining the relationship is the actual work. It takes patience, courage, and commitment to do so. Many people end up breaking up and this quite common when you meet a partner who doesn’t value you. The rebuilding afterward could be quite slow and you need to make a lot of efforts to gather things together.

Managing Conflict and Tension

Relationship crisis is a time when you actually need to think not during the moment of anger but later on with a clear mind. Some of the ways to deal with a relationship crisis are:

  • Talk about your feelings and remember great moments when you first fell in love on the dating service. This usually brings up the topic of why you fell in love in the first place. You would talk about the initial feelings and the qualities that attracted you. This is the best therapy according to one of the known relationship and marriage counselors. It shows the beginning of the relationship and sheds light on the bigger picture that is love.

  • Asking for professional help is the best way to deal with a relationship crisis sometimes. When you find a woman online or man on a dating site, you know very less about each other. A fight, in this case, might lead to unfavorable outcomes. But if you still love this other person, you would want to get a professional adviser into the relationship.

  • Work through the problems instead of talking. Another thing that might help to deal with a relationship crisis while dating is thinking about the factors that caused the crisis and work on them. Most of the times these are small and insignificant issues that must be neglected. Once you identify the problem, you can easily avoid doing it and you will be in a healthier relationship.

To sum up, when you want to meet new dates and know the other person on the online dating service properly, try to communicate as much as possible. Check their actions when in anger or what they need to calm down. This information can help you to cope with stressful times.

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Play it safe when dating online

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With rising numbers of single women and men going online in search of prospective partners, joining an online dating service is a good way to meet and date. While there are numerous benefits of dating online, there are a few things to be wary of when dating online. With unscrupulous individuals out there to cheat and harm gullible folks’ online, one must be watchful when communicating online.

Some of the things to bear in mind when dating online include:

Do not share your identity:

It is best to join a dating site using a pseudonym or onlyyour first name. Do not share your actual full name with people that you are meeting with for the first time. It is better to err on the side of caution then fall victim to some stranger looking to exploit your personal information. Once you have developed a rapport and decide to meet offline you could meet and judge the individual and then consider sharing your personal information. Do not at any stage get pressured in sharing your identity. If the person is genuine they will understand your reluctance in sharing information and will probably take the same measures.

Avoid rushing into a relationship:

You may be eager to meet and start dating in person, but it is best to take your time and not rush headlong into a relationship. First, communicate online for a few weeks and try to get to know each other better. Check if the both of you share the same ideals, preferences and objectives. If you are looking for a long term committed relationship you need to ensure you and your prospective partner share the same views of the relationship. If they are just interested in dating without any serious plans to move ahead and you are not, it is better to move on and find someone that shares the same views.

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Guide to Vacationship

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Vacations are the most enjoyable times in life because you are away from work and the related tension of life. What happens when you fall in love during that vacation? All your happy hormones are doubled in the blood and you feel the happiest in a very long time. You might also find a partner through a dating service during the vacation period. But all this has to come to and since the vacation has to end. This might be quite heartbreaking and some people do not like to maintain a long-term relationship because of commitment issues.

Vacationship is different from the normal relationship because you fall in love with a person whom you don’t really know very well. Of course, it might be possible that this person is the perfect one and you might get married but most other relationships do not lead to that. If you are an emotional person and letting go is a big problem, you must think about the times after vacation before committing to the relationship.

How to Ensure a Successful Vacationship?

There are some tips and tricks that can help you during your vacationship for those willing to sacrifice some things for love. Also, you must know that you and your partner are different starting from culture to behavior so do not expect traditional roles from him/her. Following are some ways:

  • Be less judgemental

Don’t be in a rush to judge people because this is not going to help the relationship. You must be open-minded and be ready to accept new traditions and culture. This does not mean you have to change yourself but you must be ready to accept. This might prove to be a time when you go out of your comfort zone to do something interesting. This way you can try new things and explore yourself a bit more.

  • Sex on the first date?

Well, this completely depends on you. Some dating experts believe that you must not hold yourself back and enjoy the foreign companionship while it lasts. While this is true, some people believe in emotional attachment over sexual contact. If you think you belong to the second category of people, you must wait until you are sure.

  • Strong networking

Once you find a woman online who is beautiful, you don’t think that bad thing could happen. Being said, it is important to communicate first to know the person and avoid unfortunate accidents. A strong buddy network is crucial. Have your friend’s live location shared through WhatsApp and in case of distress, they would know your location.

  • Remember that the vacation will end

This is the biggest mistake many single women actually commit in a vacationship. If you are up for a fling and forget about it, be clear about it with the partner too. For such people, vacationships work the best. For other people who want a serious relationship, you must discuss the pros and cons of continuing it. Also, what you are sacrificing to continue the relationship is also worth mentioning. Most of the experts often talk about “Enjoy while it lasts and moves on”.

  • Protection is a must

If you indulge in sexual activity, always remember to use protection because a baby can change everything. Since it was not planned, the change will affect both the people in a negative manner. Especially for women, you don’t want to carry a stranger’s baby after the vacationship is over unless he is willing to leave everything in his country and settle down with you.

How to Maintain a Long-distance Relationship After Vacationship?

In some rare cases, you decide to continue the vacationship through the online dating service because you are head-over-heels in love. It is possible but your expectations must not be too much. Before you decide about this, you must think about the parent’s acceptance or society acceptance of the country you decide to settle in. Following are some of the things to keep in mind:

  1. Do not expect constant 24/7 contact between you and your partner. The can be a multitude of reasons why he/she is not picking your phone or returning your texts on the dating site. Sometimes, you need to give him/her space too.
  2. If you meet someone on an online dating site, do not expect everything to be true when you actually meet the person during your vacation.
  3. There are cold periods of such type of online dating and you must let them pass. These cold or infuriating moments can actually lead to break up. When you are angry, try to not talk or reply to the texts.
  4. You must inform your partners about your whereabouts. This proves to be the strongest point between you both and fewer chances for a third person to infiltrate the relationship.

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5 simple steps to successful online dating

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online dating

Online dating doesn’t need to be complicated. Too many singles get hung up on arranging a date within two or three messages online, but a slowly-slowly approach will benefit you much more in the long run.

Singles use the best UK dating site because they want to find a partner for the long-term, not because they wanted to be subject to a barrage of flirty messages from someone who hasn’t even asked their name or said hello.

So what are the five steps to getting hooked up on a date with an ideal match? And what are the best tactics and strategies to ensure you get past that first message stage? We think there are five important steps you should follow.

Make a kick-ass profile

The starting point for any single starting out online dating and is to create the best profile possible. Think TV advertising, billboards, or even online pop-ups, you have to sell your sell to other singles.

Include as much information as possible, includes a variety of images, be positive, tell the truth and make the thousands of local singles looking for love online want to discover a whole lot more about you. Make them intrigued and want to message you to find out if you are right for one another.

Don’t send messages en masse

With so much choice when it comes to searching for local singles, there is a tendency to slip into something easy and send the same message to every woman or man you see in your matches or search.

That’s a bad move. You should be reading their profiles and tailoring the opening line you send them to something personal, or relating to something you have read. That way you stand out from the crowd and have a much higher percentage of getting a response.

If the same message goes to everyone you’re messaging, you are unlikely to have long-term success online dating. You have to make more of an effort in a competitive world.

Take time to get to know someone

Don’t just rush headfirst into asking someone for a date three messages into your conversation. Take your time to get to know them. If you click, have fun or are really attracted to each other, you will naturally take the next step and start dating anyway.

Relationships are not a race, so consider the process of landing date as a marathon, not a sprint.

Don’t head out on dates with just anyone

Don’t take the first cab on the rank because it is there. Make sure you really want to date the person you are chatting to. There’s a difference between a fun online conversation and actually having that spark in real life.

So don’t arrange to meet everyone you chat with. Carefully select the ones you think you are matched best with and you will enjoy dates rather than meet for a couple of drinks and go your separate ways.

Keep your options open

You might start out in your online dating with something firmly in your mind in terms of what you want to get out of it.

But, like anything in life, keep your options open. Don’t pigeonhole yourself into searching for one thing, because you might surprise yourself with the type of partner you find in a perfect match.

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